The project was born out of a run-down neighborhood in the city of Sevilla where unemployment is far above the acceptable level and illegal commerce passes through its streets without fear of the repercussions. A place where a common image is to see trash collectors, taking apart plastic bags on the street and taking out whatever has anything metal in it, in order to sell in the neighboring industrial zone in exchange for coins. Men that have wasted away, consumed by drug use, or simply without work, without a future and without even a present life.

On the other side, there is a neighborhood with some education centers where the teaching staff puts all effort into preparing students and helping them get jobs in order to be a part of society and have a dignified life. Students that are 16 or 18 years old many times once they finish their studies, don’t achieve this desired job that they have dreamed about.

We work in this neighborhood and want to help with our initiative. To some, we offer to collaborate in the collection of the plastic waste, working with dignity and receiving and appropriate salary. To others, we offer education in emergent technologies that are not yet a part of schools and institutes, but that will be in high demand within the next few years: 3D printing.

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